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High Security Laser Check in Middle | Item #LF97M

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High Security Laser Check in Middle
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High Security Laser Checks include 30 advanced security features to help deter check fraud. Features include heat-sensitive ink, hologram, watermark, visible and invisible fluorescent fibers and more.

Compatible with Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and other software accounting packages.

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  • Protection is Prevention

    Our enhanced security checks exceed banking security standards by using a variety of features that help prevent you from becoming a victim of check fraud. Roll over the markers above to learn more about these unique features.

    Foil Hologram

    A three dimensional graphic foil embedded in the check provides additional protection against duplication of the document.

    Thermochromic Heat-sensitive Icon

    Thermochromic ink cannot be applied by conventional photocopiers, thereby ensuring the authenticity of the document.

    Prismatic Multicolored Background

    A multicolored background with subtle graduations makes copying and reproducing difficult.

    Paper Fibers

    Visible Fibers - Random fibers of various lengths and colors are visible on both sides of the paper to complicate copying.

    Invisible Fluorescent Fibers - Invisible fibers can easily verify a document's authenticity when viewed from either side of the paper using black (UV) light.

    Toner Adhesion

    Toner adhesion provides an added level of security to ensure that toner from your printer cannot be removed from the paper without damaging the paper.

    High-Resolution Intricate Border

    Uniquely designed border is difficult to replicate and often distorts when copied.

    Warning Band

    The band on the face of the check calls out specific features, helping the recipient quickly verify authenticity.

    Chemical Reactive Paper — Primary and Extended

    A uniquely treated paper will show visible signs of chemical tampering.

    Secure Document

    The Secure Document check face makes replication difficult.

    Padlock Icon

    The Padlock Icon ensures that your document meets or exceeds industry guidelines.

    Colored Pantograph

    If the unique colored background is not present, the document is not authentic.

    Controlled Paper Stock

    Controlled stock ensures the security of your product, as well as the paper supply itself, during every stage of production.

    Security Paper

    UV Dull Paper - This paper provides a method of comparing traditional copy paper against your original documents.

    Erasure Evident - A white mark will appear if there is an attempt to erase the imprint on the check's surface.

    True Watermark - A distinctive pattern is visible in the paper when held up to light.

    Micro Print (MP)

    The signature line, border and backer provide authentication when viewed under magnification.

  • Protection is Prevention

    Our enhanced security checks exceed banking security standards by using a variety of features that help prevent you from becoming a victim of check fraud. Roll over the markers above to learn more about these unique features.

    Micro Print (MP)

    The signature line, border, and backer provide authentication when viewed under magnification.

    Warning Box

    The warning box on the back of the check calls out an extensive list of security features, advising the recipient to validate these features before cashing.

    Security Screen Backer

    The words "Original Document" will fade, distort or disappear if the check has been copied or scanned by traditional means.

    Patented Security Weave

    This intricate, patented design on the back of the check deters counterfeiting, copying or scanning.

    Void Indication

    Special screens and background designs are hidden in the paper. When photocopied, the word "Void" will appear.

    Fugitive Ink

    This chemical-sensitive ink used to print the check backer forms a detectable spot when chemical alteration is attempted.

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Reverse Collate

What is Reverse Collate?

If your laser printer loads from the front instead of the top, you may need us to reverse number your single sheet checks. Here's an easy test: mark a sheet of paper on one side, load the sheet into your printer, marked side up and print. If what you printed is on the reverse of the marked side, you'll want to select the reverse collate check box.

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FraudArmor™ Fraud Protection (recommended)
  • Check and financial account protection
  • Lost wallet and document replacement
  • Up to $25,000 advancement within 72 hours
  • Identity restoration with FREE internet monitoring


Defend your checks, bank account and identity from the effects of fraud for up to ONE FULL YEAR with FraudArmor for only $4.99 per box of personal checks or $0.06 per business check. Features include: funds advancement up to $25,000 within 72 hours of valid request, check order replacement, document replacement, and more. PLUS - receive early warnings of potential fraud with Internet Monitoring of your credentials, such as driver’s license and credit card numbers. Internet Monitoring is an optional, no cost feature that requires activation.

FraudArmor assists individuals and businesses with any of the following identity theft events:

  • Check Fraud
  • Account Fraud
  • Medical Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Phone & Utilities Fraud
  • New Credit Fraud
  • Loan Fraud
  • Electronic Funds Fraud
  • Government Benefits Fraud
  • Employment Related Fraud
  • Tax Fraud

If you are victimized by fraud or identity theft, you will also receive free credit monitoring and periodic contact from one of our professional Resolution Specialists for a full year after the fraud event.

For more details, full terms & conditions, and to activate your Internet Monitoring visit Certain restrictions apply.


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